About us

CorporateMatchMaker.com is an international website committed to the fundamental principles that all candidates and companies should find the correct match for employment. The creativity, innovation on which the CorporateMatchMaker.com website is based places it in a leadership role in the field of employment, training and development. The CorporateMatchMaker.com website is the product of extensive development in solving employment problems.
CorporateMatchMaker.com Mission Statement
CorporateMatchMaker.com is an innovative international employment website that has been developed to solve and reduce corporate employment problems: (high employee turnover, employee job dissatisfaction, increased training cost, termination and severance packages) by matching the right candidates to the right jobs. Our goal is to increase employee job satisfaction, productivity and company profits. Our vision is to become the leader in diversity employment. The website results will eliminate or minimize employee dissatisfaction, reduce employee turnover and terminations.